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Ribeye Steak Crostini With Horseradish Sauce

Ribeye Steak Crostini With Horseradish Sauce is a tender and savory party treat! Slices of succulent ribeye are placed on top of crostini and finished with a creamy, cheesy horseradish sauce. It’s an easy starter you can make days ahead of time!

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Quick Beef Pot Pie

Ingredients: 450 g rare to medium-rare Premium Oven Roast Beef (e.g. Strip Loin, Tenderloin, Rib Eye, Prime Rib), trimmed and cut into cubes (approx. 4 cups)  2 cups beef gravy  1 to 2 cups diced leftover cooked veggies or frozen mixed veggies, thawed  1 puff pastry block, thawed  1 Tbsp whipping cream Directions: In 9-inch deep dish pie plate, combine beef cubes, gravy and vegetables. Microwave briefly to just warm. Roll out pastry block to ¼ inch thick; place on top of meat mixture. Cut ‘X’ in centre of pie crust. Brush pastry with cream. Place on foil-lined baking sheet; bake in 450˚F oven for 15 to 20 minutes, until centre of pie is bubbling hot. Substitution tip A deep...

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