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Our family is proud to partner with Ewings on the Kern to bring you the finest local beef. 

 We hope you enjoy your dining experience!

Our Story

 Rankin Ranch is located in Walker Basin just south of the Kern River Valley. Walker Rankin Sr. was lured out West by the gold rush in the 1860’s and quickly established himself as a cattle rancher. He continued to expand his landholdings and grow his cattle herd throughout his life and laid the foundation for a ranching legacy. Today the 4th, 5th, and 6th generation Rankins are proud to continue the family tradition of raising cattle and farming. They also have a guest ranch where you can stay on vacation.  

What is unique about our beef?

Our family has been raising cattle in Kern County for over 160 years and are proud to offer high quality, local beef from our ranch to your table.

Our cattle are grass fed, grain finished providing beautiful marbling and excellent flavor. The cattle are never been given any antibiotics or hormones providing all-natural beef. Our butcher dry ages the beef which intensifies the flavor and tenderness of the steaks, roasts, ribs, and even ground beef. We are proud of the beef that we raise and so pleased that you have the opportunity to try it here at Ewings.

Did you enjoy your meal?

You can always come back to Ewings for another delicious meal! We also sell our beef throughout Kern County and ship anywhere in California. You can enjoy Rankin Ranch Beef in the comfort of your own home. Feel free to browse our site and pick out your favorite cuts or go ahead and order the whole cow…whatever will fit in your freezer is fine with us!

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